After Prosthetic Foot, This Jaipur Doctor Builds Krishna Limb For Animals

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Dr Tapesh Mathur a veterinary doctor from Jaipur, Rajasthan has the distinction of being the first person to make prosthetic limbs for animals, under the brand ‘Krishna Limb’. This was named after the first cow that received an artificial limb from him in 2014. The first prosthetic foot for humans was also made in Jaipur and was named after Jaipur, India, where it was designed. The idea of the Jaipur foot was conceived by Ram Chander Sharma, a craftsman, and P. K. Sethi, who was then the head of the Department of Orthopedics at Sawai Man Singh Medical College in Jaipur.

Dr Mathur to date had provided 160 prosthetics, mostly free of charge, across  16 states in the country. Making a prosthetic limb is not easy and it starts with taking measurements for the cast and finally fixing the prosthetic and getting the animal up on its feet.

This involves a lot of time where after taking the measurements he had to prepare limb and the whole process takes more than seven days on an average. The veterinary doctor operates from his own prosthetic workshop that he has set up at his home in Jaipur and is supported by his wife Shipra in this noble cause to help wounded animals.

Not bogged by the COVID pandemic Dr Mathur used to make video calls with local veterinarians and guide owners to get the cast measurements of their animals. He would also support them on how to handle the animals after the prosthetic was fixed.

Mathur advises animal owners to be patient and sensitive with their animals after they get their limbs attached, as they require time and training.

Regarding the maintenance, the artificial limb needs to be removed after seven to eight hours of use, cleaned, and refitted the next day. Mathur clearly states that the prosthetic is not a permanent solution and the responsibility of caring for a disabled animal lies with the owner.

Dr Mathur’s work has mostly helped cows but now he is also being approached by owners who own disabled horses, dogs, and even camels.

Thanks to the Krishna Limb many animals were prevented from being put down or sent to the slaughter houses. (With inputs from India Today)

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