Adherence to Non-hijab Rule is Must, Says Karnataka Education Ministry

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After restricting students from wearing hijab in Karnataka, the state government has barred the teachers from wearing the scarf on invigilation duty during the class 10 board exams inside the examination halls.As per reports the Primary and Secondary education minister BC Nagesh said the adherence to the government’s rule about the uniform is applicable to teachers as well.

The government in its March 25 order said that in line with the Karnataka High Court’s hijab ruling, uniforms would be strictly compulsory for students appearing for the SSLC exams. The education minister BC Nagesh said, “However, as hijab is not allowed inside the examination hall for students, to be morally right, we are not forcing teachers who insist on wearing hijab to take up exam duty. Such teachers are relieved from exam duty. 

He also said that teachers who prefer to wear the hijab will not be posted as an invigilator for the SSLC exam as well as for the Pre-University College (PUC) Class 12 exams. The SSLC exams are going on while the PUC exams are scheduled to begin by the end of April.

Reports suggest a teacher in Mysuru district was relieved from SSLC exam invigilation duty after she insisted on wearing a scarf to the exam hall. Last month, five teachers at a school in Gadag district were given suspension orders for allowing a few students to write the exam in hijab.

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