39 Girls Flee Shelter Home in Punjab

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A total of 39 girls and women fled from a shelter home in Punjab. This was a government-run home in Punjab's Jalandhar. Out of the thirty-nine girls, 35 were rescued again and were sent back to the home in Jalandhar.

But there are four girls still missing and the officers are on the lookout for them. Most of the girls who ran away were minors (below 18). They were kept in the protection of the shelter home. But as the officer caught them, these girls were brought back.

The district programme officer Maninder Singh Bedi spoke on the matter and said that the girls will have to stay in the shelter home. Only once they turn 18, they have the right to ask the court for letting them go. Once the girls turn 18, they can ask the court and upon receiving consent, they are free to go.

Singh continued that currently there are some girls in their shelter home who have turned 18. They are demanding to leave the home now. These girls were brought back to the home for the time being, but they were also assured that the court will soon look into their matter. They will soon receive consent and will be allowed to leave.

All the girls who turned 18 but still couldn’t leave the shelter home will be later allowed after having a look at their case. The officers assured the girls that they will receive the necessary guidance and help. Since the girls who left had certain complaints with the facility, the officers are now trying to look into it.

There are a total of 81 girls at the facility. The girls complained of ill-treatment and misbehaviour by the staff. The officers and police promised to listen to their complaints. Some officers are now searching for the missing four girls. 

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