11 Year Old Boy Accidentally Hangs Himself In Room, Dies

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In a very tragic incident, an 11-year-old boy died of accidental strangulation on Saturday. The incident took place in Chennai. The deceased was identified as J Karthik, a seventh-grade student of a government school. He lived along with his mother Amudha and his brother Ramsaran on 8th Street, Kamarajar Nagar at Puthagaram near Puzhal.

Going into the details, the boys decided to play out a drama where in there was a scene of a suicide. In that scene, one would hang and the other would come to his rescue. Karthik said that he would do the scene and locked himself inside a room, while his brother stood outside and watched through the window. The boy stood on a stool and tied a nylon rope to the ceiling and wound the rope around his neck. When he was trying to explain, his leg slipped and the stool fell down. Karthik screamed for help while Ramsaran who stood outside tried to break open the door but he couldn't. So, he called out some of the neighbours and they loosened the noose around the neck of Karthik and was immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors declared him brought dead. A case was registered. The police said that Amudha is a single mother and her husband Jayaraman died a few years ago.

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