Revanth Reddy Fears Threat To Life, Writes To Amit Shah For Increased Security

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Revanth Reddy writes a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

The MP said the government was ignoring even the High Court orders.

Revanth has also sought to increase security in the past.

Once again Revanth Reddy has become a hot topic. He wrote a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Telangana Congress Party Working President, Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy wrote a letter to Amit Shah asking him to provide him with increased protection.

In the letter to Amit Shah, he pointed out that the Telangana government had also ignored the High Court orders in the past. And he also elaborately mentioned an ongoing threat to his life in the letter for which he was seeking the increased security. It is learned that Revanth had appealed to Amit Shah to increase security in the past as well.

Revanth has also appealed to the Center in the past. He asked for more security. Revanth said in a recent letter that he had received a threat from the government.

The firebrand Revanth Reddy attacks the ruling party, the CM, and the ministers directly on various issues. Revanth enthusiastically participates wherever there are dharnas and agitations against the government.

Meanwhile, during the ongoing debate about his presence in the Telangana PCC Chief Race, he had made some interesting key remarks in front of the media about whether he liked the campaign committee at all.

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