Owaisi Sensational Comments On Prashant Kishor’s Leaked Clubhouse Audio Clip

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Reacting to Prashant Kishor’s leaked Clubhouse audio clip, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi made some really sensational comments. Kishor made some serious revelations in the clip and shared that many parties in West Bengal have taken the route of conciliation politics.

Asaduddin Owaisi took to Twitter and expressed his disappointment in all that is happening. He said that the voters have received nothing but betrayal. They are loyal voters but in exchange for their loyalty, all they got was frustration and regret.

Owaisi expressed his thoughts in a series of tweets where he spoke about the mistreatment of Muslims in certain areas. In the leaked audio clip, Mamata Banerjee's poll strategist, Kishor can be heard talking about Muslims.

Muslim’s in Bengal

“Mamata's celebrated poll strategist is speaking his fact-free mind here. Instead of introspecting on how she allowed majoritarian communalism to take root in Bengal, he chooses to scapegoat Muslims for her failures. Muslims are 27% of the state, but have only 6% govt jobs, only 11% of students in higher education are Muslims & 80% of rural Muslims earn less than ₹5k. 6 worst performing districts on healthcare have a a Muslim population share of more than 25%. But their share in the prison population is 37%.”

He also said that the people of Malda and Murshidabad have o drink contaminated water.  “The Left's mistreatment of Muslims is recorded by Kundu & Sachar Committee. Their most famous land reforms didn't reach Muslims,” added the AIMIM leader.

Loyal Voters and Humiliation

Reacting to what had happened over the years; Owaisi said that Banerjee did not fulfil her promises and duties. She took advantage of the loyal voters and gave nothing in return.

Continuing the thread of tweets, Owaisi said, “Truth is TMC & Left's most loyal voters have got nothing but humiliation for decades. In return for their loyalty, Mamata has likened Muslims to cows to be milked. Now she has to beg Muslims to not divide their votes. If there's appeasement then why this begging?”

“Why does Mamata go everywhere to talk about her Gotra & high place in the varna system? She told Muslims that she'll protect them from Hindutva but her strategist is confessing how she let Hindutva grow. She'd one job & she failed. Allah protect us from such appeasement.”

Owaisi also Questioned the Journalists in the Clip

The MIM leader said that when all this was being discussed, what the journalists were doing. Why didn’t they question or challenge anything? No one challenged or interrogated the blatant lie of minority appeasement.

“Not a single journalist of this esteemed club found it important to challenge or interrogate this blatant lie of minority appeasement & majority alienation. But every evening we must patiently receive gyaan from them,” added Owaisi.

In the Leaked Audio-Clip

In the audio clip, we can hear Prashant Kishor saying that BJP seems to have the upper hand in Bengal. The West Bengal elections can be won by the Narendra Modi party. Although the fact remains that both PM Modi and Mamata Banerjee are extremely popular in the state, it is to be seen who wins in the end.

This clip was shared by BJP IT Cell head Amit Malviya.

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