Nagarjunasagar Developed Only Because Of KCR: Jagdish Reddy

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Senior Congress leader and former minister Janareddy said the Nagarjunasagar constituency has developed tremendously during the Congress regime. He commented that the TRS party is proudly showing off the development and the progress made by the Congress as though they did it themselves.

In Haliya, 200 TRS activists joined the Congress in the presence of Janareddy. Janareddy alleged that in the rush for the by-election itself, several works, including the Yellikal lift in Nagarjunasagar constituency, were started.

Janareddy suggested that the people should abide by KCR's promise to defeat the TRS party if development does not take place. However, if the development promised takes place then KCR asks that people vote for him and TRS.

Janareddy said that KCR had promised many times in the past that the Palamuru and Rangareddy projects would be completed in two years. TRS has been accused of not keeping its promises in the seven years since it came to power.

On the other hand, Minister Jagadish Reddy was angry with Janareddy. Jagadish said that Janareddy imagines himself to be a big leader from the big leagues. He further criticized Janareddy that the people know how much work his administration has been making since 35 years of his political life. He said that it doesn't matter what the age is but the good deeds done for the people and the promises kept show maturity.

Minister Jagadish Reddy said that the people of Sagar had given the correct answer to Janareddy and sent him home in 2018. Jagadish commented that Janareddy should remember this. He criticized Janareddy for backtracking the development and that if he wanted to come to a discussion on Nagarjunasagar development and Nalgonda district development he is most welcome.

Minister Jagadish said the people knew how the Congress leaders had corrupted the district and how the fluoride epidemic had spread across the district.

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