Karnataka Politics: BJP High Command Asks CM Yediyurappa to Quit?

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According to sources, the BJP High Command has asked Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa to step down.

Bengaluru: The pressure put on the ruling party to oust CM BS Yediyurappa appears to have worked. For a long period, dissident leaders have urged him to resign. Several BJP leaders have demanded that he be removed from power. According to BJP sources in Delhi, the high command has asked Yediyurappa to resign as a result of this. This has escalated further over the past ten days. On June 17 and 18th, Arun Singh, the party's state affairs in charge, will travel to Karnataka to pacify senior leaders who are demanding Yediyurappa's resignation.

However, Arun Singh, who talked to the media about the topic in Delhi on Thursday, denied any such change. He praised Yediyurappa for his fine performance as well as his ability to properly manage the Covid-19 situation in the State. Arun Singh repeatedly insisted that he was pleased with Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa's performance and that the CM's position would not be changed. He stated that Yediyurappa would remain the Chief Minister. He stated that he will travel to Bangalore on June 17 to address the concerns of the opposing MLAs. He urged that no one should make public comments about the leadership shift, he said.

Despite Arun Singh's assurances that nothing would change, the fact that he would travel to Bangalore next week to pacify the disgruntled MLAs appears to have bolstered indicators that Yediyurappa’s stay is a reality. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister criticized the movement for a leadership change last week. He stated that he would continue to serve as the full-time Chief Minister and that he was secure in his position.

He clarified that there was no confusion in this regard. "I will continue as the Chief Minister as long as the Delhi High Command has faith in me. I will step down on the day they lose faith. I am working for the development of the State," Yeddyurappa assured.

Yeddyurappa gave an interesting answer to a question asked by reporters about alternative leadership. "I have no qualms about this. They are trying to use it as a weapon. The ruling party has given me a chance and I leave the rest to the High Command to decide," he answered.

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