Farmers Came Naked To File Nominations in Tiruvannamalai, TN Assembly Polls

 - Sakshi Post

Members from National South Indian River Interlinking Agriculturists’ Association were detained by the police after they walked naked, towards the Tiruvannamalai district office to file nomination. A total of 15 members have faced detention including the leader P. Ayyakanu.

Dinesh, a member from the association of Vandavasi had come to file nomination papers to contest in the Assembly elections. He was supported by Mr Ayyakanu who came with Dinesh to file nomination. They were walking on Periyar Salai. After some time, Dinesh and one other member of the association got rid of all their clothes.

They removed their Dhotis and continued walking naked. This is when the police caught them and immediately made them wear the dhotis. Due to all this, the members were not allowed to file the nomination papers. Angered by what had happened, Mr Ayyakanu and his associates decided on a protest. They started a ‘Block Road’ Project.

An investigation is currently underway, but the members will not be allowed to file the nominations. The association members were not happy with what had happened and said that there was no reason to not allow us. We should be allowed to file the nomination papers. We will go to court and fight for our rights. As the centre did not agree to our demands and have ignored our pleas, we have to fight for our rights said the association President, Ayyakanu.

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