UP Elections: BJP Targets Muslim Women Beneficiaries of Govt Schemes

UP Elections: BJP Targets Muslim Women Beneficiaries of Govt Schemes - Sakshi Post

In numerous Assembly constituencies in Uttar Pradesh, Muslims play a significant role.

New Delhi: The BJP is attempting to gain support among Muslim women in Uttar Pradesh to gain a foothold in the minority vote bank.

The saffron party is reaching out to Muslim women who have benefited from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government social initiatives as well as his decision to outlaw quick triple talaq.

Muslims account for over 20% of Uttar Pradesh's total population, while other minorities make up about 1% of the state's population.

Muslims hold a significant number of assembly seats in the state. The BJP Minority Morcha has chosen 40 Assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh with a minority population of 60–70 per cent and 100 Assembly seats with a minority population of 30 per cent.

Muslim women who benefited from the Modi government's welfare initiatives are coming out in support of the BJP and the Prime Minister, according to Syed Yasir Jilani, national media in charge of the BJP Minority Morcha.

"After seeing the overwhelming support of Muslim women for Prime Minister Modi, we have decided to reach out to these women. We are preparing a list of Muslim women beneficiaries to reach out to the families seeking support for the BJP ahead of the Assembly polls," Jilani said.

Muslim women are outlining a variety of government programmes that have benefited them, according to Jilani, who is assisting the local unit in Sambhal district along with other party leaders from the national capital.

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"Muslim women are defying their male family members and supporting Prime Minister Modi and the BJP. They are saying that their family benefited from PM Awas Yojna, PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, which provided free ration, Ujjwala Yojana and other beneficiary schemes of the Centre. These women are openly supporting Modi. They are also thanking the Prime Minister for banning instant triple talaq," Jilani claimed.

The BJP Minority Morcha is now planning to reach out to Muslim women in small groups of four to five workers to turn their support into votes. The BJP workers would inform these women about the benefits of government initiatives implemented by both the federal government and the Yogi Adityanath administration in Uttar Pradesh.

"We also explain how our political rivals are misleading them by creating a fear in the community about the BJP," he said.

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