BJP Expels Shaheen Bagh Shooter Hours After Inducting Him Into The Party

 - Sakshi Post

Kapil Gujjar who took part in the Anti-CAA protests in Delhi was inducted into the BJP party recently. But was expelled from the party just a few hours later. He joined the party on Wednesday morning and by evening he was let off.

Gujjar fired gun shots at the protest in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi which was being held against the Citizen Amendment Act.

BJP Ghaziabad Chief Sanjeev Sharma said in a statement that, "Kapil Gujjar was among some people who were inducted into the party from the Bahujan Samaj Party. We had no idea of his involvement in the controversial Shaheen Bagh incident. On finding out, his joining has been cancelled with immediate effect.”

The Uttar Pradesh BJP division confirmed that the party did not have knowledge about his past history. "We had no knowledge about his association with the Shaheen Bagh issue," added Sharma. 

During the Delhi protest in February, Kapil Gujjar fired two shots in the air at a demonstration in Shaheen Bagh. He shouted slogans against the Citizen Amendment Act. The police took away his gun and conquered him. But while he was being taken away by the Delhi police, he raged and shouted, “Jai Shri Ram” and “Hamare Desh me aur Kisi ki nahi Chalegi, sirf Hinduon ki Chalegi (In our country, nobody but Hindus will rule).”

From December 14, 2019 to March 24, 2020, Muslim women sat in Shaheen Bagh protest which then led to thousands of people from across the country, joining the protest.

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