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It is all good even if you do not know all the BTS songs. Some are new to the fandom while some have been a stan since 2013. But even for older ARMYs in the fandom, it is easy to miss out on certain songs. These could have been released prior to the band’s debut or were a surprise drop that no one expected. But if you are an ARMY, you should definitely listen to the BTS songs mentioned in this list.   

Let’s not delay any further and dive into it.


Released: October 2013

Performance By: J Hope, Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook

Lyrics: RM, Supreme Boi

Original Track: Beautiful (Feat. Miguel) - Mariah Carey

This video features the maknae line with their Hoseok Hyung. Performed by V, Jimin, Jungkook and Jhope, Beautiful was released in October 2013. The lyrics were written by our very talented leader, ‘RM.’ Although this is not an original song, I had to add it to this list as the boys did an amazing job covering it and rewriting the lyrics in Korean. Beautiful was originally sung by Mariah Carey (Feat. Miguel).

The boys showed their adorable side in the MV as opposed to their Hip-Hop persona in 2013. A typical concept but a very sweet Music Video. We can see the boys trying to woo the girl, following her down the street and showing off their wealth, visuals and other things.

"Yeah, beautiful girl, She's my religion, So I call you she-sus"


Album: Dark & Wild

Released: August 2014

Lyrics By: Pdogg, RM, Suga, J-Hope

Producer: Pdogg 

Even though this song was part of the ‘Dark and Wild’ album, not many fans may know about it. Can you turn off your phone? is a reflective song that focuses on the harsh reality of today’s era. The message is simple but powerful. BTS sings about society’s addiction to mobile phones, they request everyone to look up from their phones and have a conversation with people around them.

Friends meet after a long time but all their attention is on the phone. Trying to take selfies at the best angle possible. BTS sings, as your friend, I do not want to see your mobile phone or your 'selfies' but see your face and have an interaction with you. 

“Everyone is part of the smart 21st century; Talking face to face is an old story now”

3. WE ON  

Album: O!RUL8,2?

Released: September 2013

Lyrics By: Pdogg, RM, Suga, J-Hope

Producer: Pdogg 

Before Mic drop or Ddaeng, there was ‘We On.’ A song that was BTS’ answer to the haters, their response to the criticism they received during their debut. The members declare that no matter what people say, it does not bother them as they are only here for the music. With powerful lyrics and music, this song will get you pumped up.

It is ironic how this song was released in 2013, but the relevance is more prominent now. During his part, Jhope says that people are ‘Congratulating’ and being nice to them only for connections. Since BTS has achieved global success, everyone who disrespected them in the past is now apologizing just to be in the ‘Good Books’ of the biggest boyband and biggest fandom in the world.

“Congratulations, yeah right! You’re just saying that for connections"


(It's not there on BANGTAN TV)

Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool

Released: June 2013

Lyrics By: RM, J-Hope, Suga, Hitman Bang, Pdogg

Producer: RM, J-Hope, Suga, Hitman Bang, Pdogg

Also known as ‘Road,’ this song was a hidden track on the band’s 2 Cool 4 Skool album. BTS sometimes surprises their fans with hidden songs on the album, which will not be available on any digital platform, but only be a part of the physical CD.

Path talks about the anxiety and fear that follow the boys in their musical journey. They say it is not easy going down the road that they have chosen. You lose friends; leave your family behind to become an idol. Life isn’t easy; you have no time to breathe. From training for years under BigHit Entertainment to debut to now the journey, they didn’t stop for a minute. The track is a must-listen for fans who want to know more about BTS’ debut days.

"The reality was different, even when my peers tried to help me, I walked the lightless tunnels on my own"

5. 1 VERSE

Released: December 2015

Performance By: J Hope

Lyrics: J Hope

Original Track: El Chapo - The Game and Skrillex

This one is by our Dance Leader, Jhope. 1 Verse has been sampled from the 2015 track El Chapo by The Game and Skrillex. The music is inspired by the original song, but Jhope wrote his own lyrics. The song is filled with references and proverbs. You learn and understand more and more about the song, as you keep listening to it.

He talks about the disrespect ‘idol’ rappers have to face. In the k-pop industry, idol rappers are often subjects of disrespect. Jhope showcases his potential and raps that in order to break the stereotypical image, he worked hard. He uses the Korean proverb, “To lick the surface of watermelon.” Jhope says I didn’t train half-heartedly, but did years and years of practice to dig into the deeper fruit. 

"You’ll feel double the effort that I have made with my brothers"


Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool

Released: June 2013

Lyrics By: RM, J-Hope, Suga, Hitman Bang, Pdogg

Producer: RM, J-Hope, Suga, Hitman Bang, Pdogg

With cheerful beats and meaningful lyrics, Wishing on a star is a song that is meant to make you happy and hopeful, and it does that perfectly. 

This song is part of BTS' 2016 Japanese album. Wishing on a Star in similarity with their Korean songs, have a beautiful message for the youngsters. They sing that no matter what, your dreams will come true. The boys wish on the star for their story and dreams to become a reality. Even if there is suffering, grief, and hardships, there will always be hope. 

"So my baby, even if Pandora lies ahead, there's hope"


Album: BTS World 

Released: June 2019

Lyrics By: DJ Swivel

Producer: DJ Swivel, Coyle Girelli, Supreme Boi, ”hitman” Bang, RM

Will you believe this song, 'Heartbeat' was released for a game? Yes, the boys released it as an OST to their mobile game, BTS World. It is a beautiful song that describes the band's relationship with their fans. It is as good as 2!3! and Magic Shop. 

Referring to ARMYs as their youniverse (universe) the boys sing that BTS and ARMYs were destined to meet. Reminiscing their debut days, BTS says, it was a difficult road. But even when the journey was filled with struggles, they were happy and hopeful, as ARMYs were there with them. The members say that they love their fans immensely and pray they never leave them. 

"Just like yesterday, don’t let go of this hand ever again"


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