YG Added Leaked Song to BLACKPINK Comeback Album?

YG Added Leaked Song to BLACKPINK Comeback Album? - Sakshi Post

K-pop girl group BLACKPINK is making their comeback after nearly 2 years of hiatus with an album titled ‘Born Pink’. The girl group also released their solo track on the album ‘Pink Venom’. 

YG also dropped a poster of the track 'Shut Down' from BLACKPINK's comeback album Born Pink on Instagram which has melted the hearts of music lovers and BLINKS.

It is worth mentioning here that the song ‘Pink Venom’ also broke all records in the K-pop industry. 

The track list of Blackpink’s second full album has finally been unveiled. But a section of the fans is disappointed as it has only 8 songs. 

The songs Jennie and Rose produced with Ryan Tedder aren’t included. Instead of that, YG Entertainment has added a two-year-old leaked song which was supposed to be a collaboration with PUBG only. Fans are pointing out how YG is limiting the potential of the girl group. 

Recently, it was also revealed that Rose wrote in Bella Poarch’s "Build a B!tch" remix version, but it never got an official release.

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