Who is K Pop Artist Alexa Collaborating With Kerala Musician Ashwin Bhaskar

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Ashwin Bhaskar who became popular with his dialogue-with-beat video "Perfect OK" last year, collaborated with K-pop artist, AleXa. Ashwin crooned with her in the cover version of her new single, "Tattoo". While the song was released on January 6, the cover track premiered on January 30. He said that the offer has come from ZB Label (ZANYBROS) which manages AleXa among other K-pop artistes.  

He said that "When I received their mail, I suspected it was fake. I sent a message to their official account and they assured me that it was a genuine offer."

Ashwin is not only a singer but also an audio engineer, composer, songwriter, and music producer. He believes that they got in touch with him probably because was uploading a lot of music content in English on his YouTube channel (Ashwin Bhaskar). "My assumption is that several international musicians are exploring the Indian market and perhaps this is part of that trend," says Ashwin. 

He further stated, "I chose to do it my way. Later, they sent the portions sung by her and her video. I did the editing, mixing, mastering and music production at my studio before uploading it."

AleXa (Alexaundra Christine Schneiderman/Kim Se Ri) debuted in 2019 with her single "Bomb" and created her mark in the K-pop scene with songs such as "Do or Die" (2020) and "Revolution" (2020). AleXa currently lives in the US.

Ashwin, a native of Malappuram completed his engineering. He did his diploma in Audio Engineering from AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory in Chennai. He started his YouTube channel in 2012. After he posted a cover of "Memories" by American pop rock band Maroon 5 on his channel, they uploaded a portion of it on their official channel.

Later, he posted 'Perfect OK' and the video has got more than 14 million views. He has released three originals - "Story of my life", "Reality", and "Let me be alone".

After the release, AleXa messaged him on his page, saying: "You are such a phenomenal singer!! Hope to meet you in person someday!!"
He said, "My dream is to become an independent artist of international repute. I am working on some songs and hopefully, I will be releasing them this year."

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