Things Every BTS ARMY Will Relate To

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When you become an Army and officially join the fandom, you are hit with an abundance of new information. Along with amazing music and oh-so good music videos, you will also come across shows like RUN!  BTS, Bangtan Gayo, Bon Voyage and yes, many new words. But it all becomes fun as you see something new everyday, learn more and more about BTS and “your” fandom.

Let me help you with some words or certain things that every ARMY should know. If you are a Baby Army, this list is especially for you.


Did you notice how every letter in the word “ARMY” is capitalized. Well that is because it is an acronym. A.R.M.Y stands for Adorable Representative MC for Youth. That’s surprising, right! This name was chosen by BTS and the fans themselves. BTS decided on this name as Bangtan Sonyeondan (Bulletproof armour) and the Army always go together.

Fun fact: The fandom was almost named “Bangwools” as that was an option as well.

Twelve A.M. KST Phobia

If you are an Army who joined during Map of the Soul: 7 album, well you are very lucky. Ask any fan from before and they will tell you how scary this was. For any of BTS’ previous comeback there wouldn’t be a map or any kind of schedule provided. Bighit will drop the comeback date on some random day and proceed with no further information. From then on until the album release day, Armys will wait every night exactly at 12 am KST to see if something is gonna drop.

12 am is the fixed time for things like tracklist, MV teaser and concept photos to drop, but the date isn’t fixed. You could be waiting and waiting and the day you least expect it, BOOM. The teaser is here.


It means “I purple You” A phrase coined by member V. This is a way of saying, I love You. Purple is the last color of rainbow, it represents trust and love. V said this means I will love you for a long time. BTS will love you for a long time.

Everywhere BTS goes the city lights up Purple for them. Purple has become a symbol that binds BTS and Armys together.

Suga / Lil Meow Meow

Suga is the stage name for Min Yoongi. It comes from his basketball position from high school, short for Shooting Guard. But what is funny is that the fandom has this inside joke. They refer to Suga as Lil meow meow. According to Armys, Suga looks like a cute kitten. You will find a cat picture for almost every Yoongi picture out there. He will post a selfie on twitter and literally in 10 minutes you will find a similar cat picture for it. Armys with cats as their pets, really are having a fun time.

“It was an Accident”

This phrase became very famous during the BTS Blood sweat tears era. When Jimin flipped his jacket, the entire fandom lost their minds. Even BTS members kept cheering and making fun of Jimin in their reaction video. When member RM joked that Jimin must have practiced this jacket flip a lot of times, Jimin replied saying, “It was just an accident.” Now we all know it ain’t an accident Jimin. For almost every Blood sweat tears performance, Jimin did his jacket flip.

You are saying each and every time it was an accident. Huh Jimin!!

Bon Voyage

BTS has a reality show called Bon Voyage. They go on trips and we get to see their experience. Generally about 8 episodes long series with BTS traveling, cooking, camping, site-seeing. We get to see their personal, emotional and lots of funny moments. There have been 4 seasons of Bon Voyage as of now.

Lost Sonyeondan

Armys sure are a hilarious bunch. During BTS Bon voyage Season 1 that aired in 2016, BTS went to Northern Europe. Now you wouldn’t believe when I tell you, BTS can literally lose anything. I mean anything. In the course of their entire trip, Jhope lost the tickets; Jimin forgot his suitcase in the travel bus, Namjoon lost his passport and wait for it!! V got lost himself.

This is where the fandom gave them the name, “Lost Sonyeondan.” 


A fun ride with BTS and games. Run BTS is a reality show where the members play games, make lots of jokes and ultimately try to save themselves from getting punished. Each episode is 25-30 minutes long and releases every Tuesday. BTS gets extremely competitive. A total of 120 episodes have been released as of now. 

Also remember, their excitement over winning a ramen cooker, 50 dollars gift coupon or their favorite snacks will be bigger than winning a Billboard music award.  

Rap Monster – RM

This is something that every Army should know. Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS group started out with Rap Monster as his stage name. But in 2017, he changed his alias to ‘RM.’ It stands for Real Me. The real him, the way he feels and showcases himself to the world, is the real Namjoon.

Golden Maknae

You will find a lot of times Jungkook being referred as Golden Maknae. Maknae in Korean means “The Youngest.” Since Jungkook is the youngest and is good at literally every possible thing, he is called the Golden Maknae.

From singing to dancing, painting, martial arts, swimming, you name it and Jungkook will be good at it. Except fishing, I guess. Lol.


Every time BTS releases an album is called a comeback. BTS will have new hair colors, new style, new concept pictures and new genre of MVs, fans call it an Era. For example if you see Armys saying, Taehyung’s best hair was during the Fake Love era, it means out of all the hair colors and hairstyles that he has tried over the years, Armys like him best in Fake Love MV and other fake love performances of 2018.

Please share in the comment section, other things you feel that every ARMY will relate to. BORAHAE!!

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