Shreya Ghoshal’s Angana Morey No. 2 On Billboard Global Chart

 - Sakshi Post

Shreya Ghoshal: Indeed a milestone for Shreya, Angana Morey now joins the league of iconic international artists like Selena Gomez, Erica Banks, and other stellar features on the top 10.

Released on the 3rd of Feb, Angana Morey, a song composed and written by Shreya Ghoshal herself, with ace music production by her brother, Soumyadeep Ghoshal, the electronic pop song featuring musicians and collaboration from across the world had been received well globally, the latest accolade being the inclusion into the Billboard Top 10.

Shreya’s fans and music lovers are over the moon celebrating this track and is currently reaching millions through her YouTube channel and her stellar engagement with music and dance lovers on Triller.

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