Saranga Dariya Became Hit Because Of Me Says Komali, Gets Brutally Trolled By Netizens

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Sai Pallavi's Saranga Dariya folk song in Shekar Kammula's Love Story has run into a controversy

Folk singer Komali has claimed right over the song

Sarang Dariya song writer says nobody can claim credit to the song

Saranga Dariya —the craze for this song is unfathomable. The song was written by Suddala Ashok Teja for the movie Love Story directed by Sekhar Kammula. The folk song has been rendered by Mangli. Lead actress in Love Story, Sai Pallavi has danced to the song like a lightning strike. A blend of folk touch, melodious voice and mesmerizing dance—all this and more has impressed the audience with its magical effect. No wonder then the song Sarang Dariya from Shekar Kamuula’s Love Story has crossed 100 million views within days after its release.

However, the song was first sung by Komali. The singer sang the song on a musical programme. A few days after the release of this song, Komali claimed that the song was hers. Another folk singer Sirisha too responded to the controversy saying the song belonged to her. Responding to the controversy, Suddhala Ashok Teja said that it was a folk song and everyone had a right over it. Now, the topic has snowballed into a major controversy.

At the height of the Sarang Daria controversy, Komali started media hopping going from channel to channel to crib about the injustice meted out to her. Komali claimed that she was not aware of anything and that she was not even contacted. She said that the makers called her only after the promo was released.

She also said on more than one occasion that Mangli’s rendition of the song was not up to the mark. She also complained that she did not get due credit for the song. She asked for a chance to sing in the movie. The controversy ended when director Shekhar Kammula responded by saying that he would give her an opportunity to sing in the next film and also credit her for the song Saranga Dariya in the movie Love Story featuring Chaitanya Akkineni and Sai Pallavi.

Komali became very famous after this controversy. With this, she started getting huge opportunities from popular shows and television channels. In the interim, Komali once again sang the song Saranga Dariya on a television channel. In a recently released promo, the makers of Love Story, show Komali singing the song. She is also heard saying that the song became a hit only because of her. She goes on to add that she wanted the song to become bigger.

Netizens who saw this promo are spitting fire at her and have waged a war of  words with Komali. They are commenting saying "if you had sung the song in the movie, it would have been an utter flop."

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