Not Bangalore, Mumbai or Hyderabad This Indian City Will Host BTS Concert

Not Bangalore, Mumbai or Hyderabad This Indian City Will Host BTS Concert   - Sakshi Post

BTS World Tour 2022: India's First-Ever Bangtan Concert? Check Your Location To See Which City You Are In!

With their return towards the end of the year, the band has also prepared a significant surprise for its ARMYs: a globe tour, which, according to tabloids, would include India!

The septuplet band has taken a well-deserved break since their last album, "Permission To Dance." It was a difficult time for the Bangtan Boys, and even more difficult for their fans, the ARMYs, with Rm, Jin, and Tae-Tae contracting COVID-19 and Jimin recovering from appendicitis surgery. But don't worry, because we're about to bring you the most interesting news of the day, and this one is sure to brighten your day!

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For the uninitiated, the band is presently rumoured to be working on a return, with a new chapter set to begin in 2022. As if this news wasn't exciting enough, the Bangtan Boys have lately made headlines after various rumours claimed that they would embark on a global tour following their comeback.

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Given the current pandemic situation, the number of COVID-19 cases has decreased dramatically, resulting in a relaxation of restrictions and travel prohibitions not just in India, but also globally.

While this is the first time the Korean band has gone this long without playing, fans were eager to see a show, especially Indian ARMYs, also known as Desimys, who had never seen a "BTS" concert in their own country. Many insiders who are known to work closely with the band have spilt a lot of information about the band's next world tour, making fans' dreams come true.

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If we put our faith in them and the information, the band is likely to perform at eight locations in Europe, ten in Asia, eleven in the United States, three in Canada, two in Latin America, and, ultimately, Oceania, which includes Australia.

The announcement of this massive globe tour has already elated the ARMYS, but here's something for the Desimys out there. According to the same rumours, India is a probable world tour location, and the label has shortlisted India as one of the ten Asian venues.

Ecstatic fans have been attempting to figure out where the band would perform in India since the news leaked. According to insiders, the Hybe labels have picked Ahmedabad, Gujarat, as their Indian destination, but more information on this is expected to be disclosed shortly, so keep an eye on this space for latest BTS updates.

For a long time, India has been on their radar as a possible stop on their huge globe tour. Needless to say, Indian ARMYS have showered the band with unconditional love and support over the years. The band had promised its Indian fans that they would be performing in India at some point in the future.

 Also, with recent revelations, it appears that the future is not too far away, and an official declaration confirming the same would be the icing on the cake! Until then, it's time to work on that fan chart and make plans for army bombs!

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