Kiara Chettri Returns With An Uptempo Bluesy Track About Falling Out Of Love

 - Sakshi Post

Soon after her big win on the global radio arena as the first-ever/youngest Indian solo artist to hit top spots on international radio charts, Kiara Chettri brings a parade of happy thoughts amongst contrasting emotions, in Falling. The upbeat bluesy pop single by the teen singing sensation released globally on September 28th, 2021 

After mesmerizing the audiences with a haunting orchestral melody titled Why, which was followed by a stunning video and a no.1 & no.2 positions of two well-known and sought after global radio charts, promising teenage singer-songwriter Kiara Chettri is back with a bluesy pop single called Falling.

From processing late night and early morning thoughts of a teenager in her debut album 4 am, capturing the grandeur of sadness in Why, to raining a parade of positive thoughts on complicated situations of Falling out of love in her new single, Kiara is always excited to take on new challenges musically and conceptually.  

With her latest single, she took up a rather perplexing and difficult to articulate subject of falling out of love. “Falling in love is something that anyone can explain but fall out of love, is something no one can truly explain. It took me a long time to write this track. I kept putting it down because I didn't quite understand how I wanted to portray the feeling of someone falling out of love with you. I wanted to make sure that the feeling of breaking apart was conveyed through the song and hope that whoever listens to the track can be taken to ‘that’ place in their deepest emotions,” says Kiara, who wanted to balance the ‘harsh & real’ lyrics with an uptempo arrangement. 

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