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K Pop Songs With Beautiful Lyrics - Sakshi Post

Music has no language and it has the power to heal. Today's generation is mostly listening to K-pop songs and they are really enjoying every bit of it. K-pop groups like SHINee, NCT and MONSTA X always create interest amongst their listeners with their simple lyrics. The songs with the title “Beautiful” make listeners feel happy.

Have a look at the K-Pop songs with the title “Beautiful”. 

1.    NCT- Beautiful (2021)

2.    MONSTA X - Beautiful (2017)

3.    DAY 6 – You Were Beautiful (2017)

4.    EXO – Beautiful (2014)

5.    SHINee – Beautiful (2013)

6.    Crush – Beautiful (2017)

7.    SEVENTEEN – Beautiful (2016)

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