Here's Proof That BTS Kim Taehyung Values Friendship The Most

Here's Proof That BTS Kim Taehyung Values Friendship The Most - Sakshi Post

BTS member Kim Teahyung aka V returned to his home town in South Korea earlier than the other band members. Do you know why? 
V returned to South Korea on June 2nd morning, which means he started from the US on the 1st in the noon hours. 
V flew back to South Korea early to support his friend Kang Dong Won. The South Korean Actor and BTS member V are best friends ever since they started their careers in the entertainment industry.
BTS’ V and Kang Dong Won likely got close through their common connection to the Geochang county in South Korea. V was born in Daegu and later grew up in Geochang. Kang Dong Won is also from Geochang. Kang Dong Won’s latest movie, Broker, will be hosting its VIP premiere on June 2, 2022, in Seoul. V especially returned from America early to attend the VIP premiere in support of his friend. 
Kang Dong Won invited him to both the Cannes and Seoul premieres. But V could only make it to the one in Seoul. This shows how much V values friendship, and how much he loves his friends. 
The other members also boarded the flight on the same day but in the evening hours.

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