Happy RM Day: Unknown Facts About BTS Namjoon

bts rm birthday - Sakshi Post

BTS RM is celebrating his birthday today. Fans and friends are wishing BTS Namjoon on the occasion of his birthday. The hashtag #HappyRMDay is trending on all social media platforms. Here are some interesting and unknown facts about BTS Namjoon. 

He is not only a rapper but also a songwriter and producer.

BTS Namjoon has composed or produced more than 100 songs.

Before stepping into Big Hit Entertainment in 2010, he was underground rapper whose stage name was Runch Randa.

His interest increased in hip-hop after listening to Epic High’s hit “Fly.”

After meeting RM, Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Bang Si-hyuk decided to form Bangtan Boys.

As a child, he wanted to become an apartment security guard.

RM studied abroad in New Zealand for six months.

BTS Namjoon is the incharge of speaking in English in BTS’ foreign media interviews.

RM learned English by watching NBC’s hit sitcom Friends.

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