Do You Know BTS' Jin Favourite Food?

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Boyband BTS, the global phenomenon often releases much content. From songs to MVs to short fun behind the scene clips. The boys release clips for their fans. On Thursday, a new Bangtan Bomb video featuring BTS member Jin was posted on YouTube. He was seen getting ready in the video before his speech at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York.  

Jin was seen staring at Korean foods on a coffee table in a room as the video began. He pondered which of the foods he would consume. He said, "What should I eat?" He even named the dishes with Korean foods were also given names: kimchi jjigae, udon, bulgogi rice bowl, and jaeyuk rice bowl.

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SeokJin looked about as the video proceeded and stated, "I'm not sure what to eat. Man..." Jin squatted and examined the dishes more attentively, still indecisive. He then turned to the cameraman seated next to him and inquired, "Could you please make a decision for me? I'm not sure what to eat. Galbitang? Jjigae with kimchi?"

In the end, he went with Galbitang and loved it. The Korean food in a foreign land made him feel happy. One of his favorite items for sure. 

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