Coldplay And Fans Are All Praises For BTS' Fix You Cover During MTV Unplugged

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It’s been 24 hours since BTS’ appearance on MTV Unplugged but the talks about it and praises for the band haven't stopped. The superhit boyband from South Korea, BTS performed some of their most beautiful tracks from Album BE on the MTV Unplugged. Along with that they also surprised with a magical cover of Coldplay song, ‘Fix You.’

The MTV Unplugged concert was something that ARMYs were looking forward to and it is safe to say that they were nothing but impressed and in awe with all the performances. It was a beautiful ride with many amazing songs including B-side tracks like ‘Telepathy’ and ‘Blue & Grey.’ Along with this, the band also performed the title track from BE, ‘Life Goes On’ and megahit song, ‘Dynamite.’

But the real surprise was ‘Fix You.’ BTS blessed their fans with a cover performance of band Coldplay’s 2005 track, Fix You. Jimin shared how the song has helped them and provided comfort to the members, so “we wanted to prepare this cover to comfort you as well.”

It was a beautiful cover with BTS’ touch to it. The band chose a song that is Vocal biased which naturally left the Vocal line singing the song and rapline harmonizing with them. While Jin, Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook sang the song, rapline including Suga, Jhope and RM were heard harmonizing and ARMYs confessed it was the best feeling ever.

Many fans were in awe with Jin and Suga’s harmonization and Jin’s flawless high-note towards the end. People, who didn’t know about BTS were also seen asking the name of the ‘Ending Fairy.’ It was V aka Taehyung who ended the song in his ocean like deep voice.  

Coldplay fans who didn’t know much about BTS just had amazing things to say about this South Korean group. Most of their fans had one thing to confess and it is the fact that Coldplay doesn’t easily let other artists cover their song. They are protective of their discography and ‘Fix You’ as a song means a lot to them. The fact that they let BTS cover their song and even praised them for it, shows that they were genuinely impressed and loved the cover.

Coldplay fans were happy with BTS doing justice to their favorite artist’s song, but the band itself was happy too. Coldplay shared the BTS version of Fix You on literally all of their social media platforms and congratulated them.

Coldplay shared the cover on Twitter and captioned it, “Beautiful” in Korean along with all the band members’ initials.

Not just that, they also shared it on Facebook and Instagram story. Coldplay even replied under the Comment Section on Youtube.

The band, which is hesitant in letting artists cover their song, were nothing but praises for BTS. 

This is how ARMYs and Coldplay fans reacted 

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