Coldplay and BTS Collaboration, 'My Universe' To Release on Sept 24

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It has been a speculation for months now. Both Coldplay and BTS fans have been excited about this news and it is finally happening. The collab between these two bands has been in the works for a long time now and fans have only been waiting for the official announcement. Two of the most popular bands in the world will be coming together for a single titled, ‘My Universe’ all set to release on September 24.

Coldplayers and ARMYs were as excited as they can be. Both groups dropped the announcement on their social media pages. “#MyUniverse // Coldplay X BTS // September 24th //” wrote Coldplay on their official Twitter page. This post was later quote-retweeted by BTS’ label, Big Hit.

This news did not come easy, and we are sure ARMYs are not even used to direct announcements anyways. Remember they watched Butter melting for over an hour on BTS’ youtube channel, Bangtan TV before getting the news for the band’s next single, Butter. Even Coldplay fans are used to deciphering cryptic messages and codes.

A few days ago, Alien Radio FM, a website for Coldplay news, shared cryptic symbols which later translated to Coldplay x BTS. This message was deciphered by the Coldplay fans as they were the ones to give the meaning behind the cryptic code language. The message translated to “Everyone Is An Alien Somewhere”.

Both Coldplay and BTS shared a behind the scene video of the song recording. In the video, you can spot Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin wearing a BTS hoodie while the Bangtan Boys are sporting Coldplay’s clothing.

Recently Chris Martin spoke with PopCrush where he was asked about BTS and the singer had nothing but love for the boys. “When it comes to BTS, I just have nothing but love and respect for them. All seven guys, I think they're just cool, stand for good things and sing about cool things. I love the fact that they are so huge and sing a lot in Korean, they don't always have to sing in English. I love them a lot and so if the right song came along, I wouldn't ever say no,” he said.

We can say that the starting point of this amazing collaboration which we will witness soon was the “Fix You” cover that BTS performed back in February on MTV Unplugged. BTS often shares their love and respect for Coldplay and even expressed the desire to collaborate with them sometimes. Members RM and Jhope also attended Coldplay live back in 2017 and V shared during an interview that he would like BTS to work with Coldplay. All has been leading to this. It is finally happening!! Along with Coldplay members, BTS rapline, RM, Suga, and Jhope are also credited on the song. 

Coldplay x BTS track, “My Universe” out on September 24.

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