Cartier's Counter Offer to Jisoo to Retain Her Brand Ambassador - Sakshi Post

BLACKPINK Jisoo is a beauty queen and with everything and anything she wears, people just go crazy looking at her fashion statements. 

We all know that Jisoo is already an ambassador for the popular brands Cartier and Dior for many years. 

Dior and Cartier respectively belong to LVMH and Richemont, two of the highest ranking world luxury brands that rival each other.

LVMH's Dior was renowned for its large sums of contract offers to the global ambassadors as per the wishes of its president Bernard Arnault. In the past, Jisoo was pictured with his son Antoine Arnault. 

On online community forums, netizens have been translating and sharing the news that the luxury brand Cartier reportedly doubled the amount of contract offer made by Dior to secure Jisoo as their global ambassador.

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