BTS Taehyung Cost for Instagram Post

BTS Taehyung Cost for Instagram Post - Sakshi Post

By Shyamala Tulasi

The K pop group—Bangtan Boys aka BTS is ruling the hearts of millions across the globe with their amazing music and killer looks and style. 

After creating their own Instagram accounts, the bangtan boys are ruling the social media scene with their interactive sessions with fans. 

The BTS band members created their Instagram profiles four months ago. During this period, V reached 40 million followers averaging nearly 10 million each month. Being one of the fastest followed celebrities on Instagram and having good engagement with fans, BTS V could probably earn Rs. 6 crores per one Instagram post.

But you know how much he is charging for one Instagram post it is 1, 92,000- 3, 84,000 dollars and for a video post, it is said to be between 3, 84,000- 7, 68,000 dollars.

A Translated version of tweet "According to Social Media Auditor, Kim Taehyung can earn $768K per Instagram post which makes him one of the highest paid influencers along with Messi, Kylie, Beyoncé and etc.". 

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