BTS RM Accidentally Deletes Upcoming Album Audio Files, ARMY to the Rescue

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BTS is the biggest boyband in the world, the most popular artist right now, but everyone has their share of misfortune. That’s what happened with member Kim Namjoon as he took to the fan interaction app, Weverse to share about the “Worst Day” of 2021. While cleaning his computer, the rapper accidentally deleted some important audio files, the song he was working on. The technical error resulted in a loss of at least a year worth of his work. 

“Today, I used cleaning the file I was working on, all the audios deleted...Just mental breakdown in itself...still I should cheer up... I was almost done with it...sure..the worst day outta this year. I'm going to record it as a 'moment' since I'm sad.” These were the words of BTS leader, RM.

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For an artist to lose their hard work is obviously devastating. Many pointed out that this must have been the audio files for the band’s upcoming album.

It didn’t take long for ARMYs to gear up and try everything they can to cheer up RM and come up with ideas to recover his deleted files. The fans googled, some used their technical expertise to figure out a way. Nevertheless, their ARMY tried to make the leader feel better.

Here’s what they have been tweeting:

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