BTS Members Share Their Favourite Musical Moments At The Oscars 2022

 - Sakshi Post

BTS members Jin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, V, and Jimin appeared at the 94th Academy Awards. Surprised, right! Yes. The Bangtan boys shared their favorite musical moments at the Oscars 2022. They spoke about their favorite animated films - Coco and Aladdin. 

The video starts with Jimin naming Coco which was followed by RM calling it a "Real masterpiece" and said that he watched the movie three times and cried a lot. V said, "Truly, Pixar is unbelievable." Jimin said that he didn’t cry while watching the movie. "Overall, I like Disney movies," J-Hope added. "Disney movies stimulate emotions well," Jin said. "I really liked Aladdin," Hobi revealed. "Shout out to Will Smith, Aladdin," Namjoon said. Here is the video, just give a look at it.

The video is going viral on all social media platforms. One of the BTS fans wrote, "The way the news about our boys #BTS making a short cameo appearance in the #Oscars reverberating throughout all socials seconds after it happened, like an earthquake and their aftershocks. We literally had no idea but this is such a pleasant surprise. So proud of them."

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