BTS Jungkook Gives Lovely Message To His Juniors While Accepting Presidential Award

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BTS member Jeon Jungkook has graduated from the Global Cyber University with the President's Award. He was a student of the Broadcasting & Entertainment department at the university. Jungkook was unable to attend the graduation ceremony. So, he shared a video accepting the presidential award.

He said, "Hello, I’m Jeon Jungkook of BTS. Today I’m graduating from Global Cyber University, Department of Broadcasting & Entertainment. People say graduation is both an ending and a beginning, and it makes me excited and emotional at the same time. I would like to thank the President, the professors and the faculty, and many others. I’d like to congratulate the schoolmates who graduate along with me."

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He thanked everyone for the award. He said that he will be a good senior who sets a good example for the juniors. He gave a message to his fellow students. He added that learning is always fun and exciting. He further stated that everyone will cherish this present moment and put sincere effort into their dreams. Here is the video, just give a look at it.

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