BTS Jimin’s Spotify Account Crosses 150 Million Streams

Jimin - Sakshi Post

Jimin’s Spotify account has crossed 150 million streams. Jimin has achieved this feat in 142 days and 10 hours since his account was created. He became the fastest Korean male in history to achieve this feat with just one song. After this news, Congratulations Jimin, Spotify king Jimin, and Global IT Boy Jimin are trending on Twitter.

BTS Jimin has an official Spotify account and it has only one song listed: The OST song “With You”.

Jimin’s solo B-side tracks on BTS’s albums have been creating new records.

On September 14, Filter crossed 320 million streams, making it the fastest Korean B-side, Korean male solo song, and unpromoted Korean solo song to get this number. Besides this, it is also the most-streamed solo song from Map of the Soul: 7, and the second-most streamed solo BTS song on Spotify.

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