BTS Jhope Releases Full Version Of His Hope World Track, Blue Side

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BTS member Jhope surprised his fans with a full version of his hit 2018 track, Blue Side. March 1st marks the third anniversary of his mixtape, ‘Hope World’ which was released back in 2018. Fans were celebrating the anniversary and were busy congratulating Jhope, but instead the member decided to treat ARMYs on his mixtape’s anniversary.

Blue Side was the outro track on Jhope’s mixtape and the duration of the track was less than 2 minutes. Fans always speculated that the member has a surprise planned for them and that the Outro track was in reality not this short.

These speculations took birth, thanks to the fact that BTS as a band has done this a lot of times. BTS released the Outro version of their 2015 track, ‘Love is not over’ with the HYYH (The most Beautiful Moment in life) part 1 album. Later the full length edition was released along with the third part of the HYYH album. ARMYs believed that this was the case with Jhope’s ‘Blue Side’ track as well.

Jhope shared the Full length edition to Blue Side on Twitter. The track was uploaded on Youtube and Soundcloud. There is no MV for the song, but it does have a beautiful cover art which was designed by Korean artist Eddie Kang. Producers Adora and Hiss Noise also helped Jhope with the production of the track.

Fans were overjoyed with the release of the full version of Blue Side. Many fans shared their happiness in the comment section and thanked the member for the surprise. ARMYs shared the English translation to the track and everyone was emotional over how well Hoseok was able to express the feelings.

Along with the track, Jhope also shared a letter expressing his thoughts on third anniversary of ‘Hope World’

“I remember I was excited to share my songs with you all. I remember writing everything that I felt. Looking back, I do feel a little embarrassed now listening to the song. But I also miss that courage and dedication, the mindset that I had during the making of ‘Hope World.’ My feelings led to Blue Side and I decided to finalize the track.”

Jung Hoseok aka Jhope shared his true feelings in the letter and hoped ARMYs would feel relaxed while listening to the song. 

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