BTS Jhope Donates To Kids Charity On His Birthday; ARMYs Pitch in With Meaningful Projects

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BTS member Jhope aka Jung Hoseok celebrates his birthday on 18th February. On this joyous occasion, the rapper decided to donate ₩150million ($135k USD) to a Children’s charity. The donation will go to Green Umbrella ChildFund in South Korea. According to Kpop Herald, the donation will help disabled children suffering from economic difficulties.

Along with the donation this year, a total of 600M went to the charity as Jhope donated to Green Umbrella Child Fund in the past as well. In 2019, Jhope donated around ₩100million to the same charity. This donation was made to help the children affected by the COVID19 pandemic. In 2018, he donated ₩150million and in 2019, ₩100million went to the charity.

Many times the BTS members donate to charities and other causes. The members hope that through these donations, they will be able to inspire others as well. Not just the band but their fandom as well has conducted many charity and donation projects.

ARMYs Charity projects on Jhope’s Birthday

Even the BTS fandom is very active in doing charity projects and ARMYs from every country ensure that they do something good on a member’s birthday. This time for Jhope’s birthday, there were many projects organized by the ARMYs.

Jhope’s Nigerian fans made a donation to the DRASA campaign for the fight against Covid-19. The donation was done in Jhope’s name and will help over 500 health workers to fight COVID-19.

One of the biggest Charity ARMY accounts of Twitter, “One in an ARMY” also organized a Donation project in honor of Hoseok’s birthday. The OIAA account is collecting funds and all the money will be going to TEWWY Wisdom NGO based in Tanzania. The organization promotes mental health and provides psychological services to elderly women.

The TEWWY Wisdom team appreciated this project and thanked OIAA for taking up the initiative. “The Wisdom & Wellness Team is blown-away by the over-pouring love and support BTS ARMY is selflessly showing. Words will never match our awed appreciation of the ARMY’s marching force.  J-Hope ‘s Bday journey has been magical & hopeful,” tweeted the team.

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