BTS Graces TIME Magazine Cover As 2020 ‘Entertainer Of The Year’

 - Sakshi Post

The seven member boyband from South Korea who has rocked the world were crowned as 2020 ‘Entertainer of the year’ by TIME magazine.

From releasing two albums to hit single Dynamite, holding online concerts and innumerable lives on Youtube. BTS has made sure that they keep their fans entertained. The year started with Map of the Soul:7. An ode to the members and the number of years that they spent in this industry, MOTS7 carries an important place in BTS discography.

BTS had huge plans. They released a total of seven music videos for their Map of the Soul:7 album. Even held art exhibitions and released a performative art video for their song, Black Swan. They performed ON at Grand central and gave one of the most aesthetically pleasing performances of Black Swan at James Corden show. BTS had plans for their Map of the Soul tour in April, but the pandemic had decided something else.

When you perform and work hard only to give out best music and spread happiness, you find a way out of this pandemic as well. The BTS fandom has a saying that, “2020 was a bad year but not when you are an ARMY.”

As RM said in his TIME interview, “We are some boys from Korea who love music and performance,” BTS will always find a way to make music and perform. In October, BTS held their much awaited Map of the Soul concert, online. With ON, black swan, We are Bulletproof eternal and all of their solo songs, this band made their fans happy and gave them the experience of attending a real concert.

“In an era marked by so much anguish and cynicism, BTS has stayed true to their message of kindness, connection and self-acceptance. That’s the foundation of their relationship with their fans,” posted TIME on twitter.

What makes BTS fans love their artists so much? The answer is BTS’ passion for their work. Making music is not just work for them, but it is a way of giving hope. The pandemic cancelled their tour but this didn’t stop them. Due to the lockdown, travelling was prohibited. Most of the performances had to be pre-recorded and not live.

Every performance that BTS did was better than ever. They shot performances at the airport, rented a plane, performed IDOL in Hanboks at Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung palace and legendary MAMA stage at the Seoul World Cup Stadium with AR technology to include member Suga as he couldn’t attend due to his shoulder injury.

"What gave us hope and joy this year was our fans, and members. Our daily lives such as working on music dancing and rehearsing together were the source of hope and happiness for us," said member Jimin. 

Their album BE that was released on November 20 was a means to spread happiness and hope to their fans. With Life Goes on being the title track, BTS were telling people that it is okay. No matter what, Life will go on.

“I always wanted to become an artist that can provide comfort, relief and positive energy to people. That intent harmonized with the sincerity of our group and led us to who we are today,” said member Jhope.

If BTS are a symbol of hope, ARMYs are the messenger. Describing the band’s fandom, TIME interview continued with saying "The BTS fandom isn't just about ensuring the band's primacy, it's also about extending the band's message of positivity into the world.”

With everything that BTS did in 2020, they are more than deserving of the “Entertainer of the year” title. 

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