BTS Graces Billboard’s The Greatest Pop Star List Of 2020

 - Sakshi Post

There is no denying that BTS, the South Korean boyband has been defying all the odds. They have shifted the way the music industry works and are on their path to greatness. Coming from a small entertainment company, no one ever imagined what was to become of these young men.

Debuted in 2013, almost 8 years later and BTS have been named the ‘Greatest Pop Star.’ The achievements that were to BTS’ name in 2020 are innumerable and extraordinary.

BTS started their year with the ‘Map of the Soul:7’ album. The album made it to the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Their title track ‘ON’ broke many records and even debuted at No.4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album was filled with beautiful and powerful songs. An album that is a reminiscence of their journey in their seventh year.

In 2020, BTS continued their reign with Dynamite and BE. The single from their album, Dynamite became a global hit. It was not just loved by the ARMYs (BTS fans) but also by the general public. It was a song that BTS decided to make in order to comfort people during the pandemic and it did the work. Many people loved the song and were happy listening to it.

Their album BE was released in November. It was a surprise that even BTS didn’t know would happen. An album made to comfort their fans, Life Goes On came as a pleasant surprise. It broke many records and ‘Life goes on’ even became the first Korean song to top the BB Hot 100 chart.

Their NPR Tiny Desk performance, MTV Unplugged, all the Jimmy Fallon and James Corden appearances and the grand sets with which the band surprised us every time, was absolutely commendable. Everytime BTS did a performance in 2020, they came with a new set, new concept and an entirely different persona.

With all the records that BTS has broken and the achievements they made, not just in 2020 but throughout their musical journey is outstanding. We can say that the band is deserving of being in the “The Greatest Pop Star By Year” list. It is not just about the records, they have broken, but in general, the way that BTS’ songs works miracle in people’s lives, is what makes them even special.

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