BTS and ARMY Once Again Break Records With BangBangCon 2021

 - Sakshi Post

We mention records and it immediately becomes evident that it is about BTS. No matter what the band does, it will end up breaking records. On Saturday, 17th April, this worldwide sensation band held their online concert event, Bang-Bang-Con which was watched by millions of ARMYs.

BangBangCon is an online streaming event where ARMYs will be treated to old BTS concerts. This live stream is available to watch for free on their official Youtube channel, Bangtan TV. The stream showed a total of 3 concerts which lasted for around 8 hours. Amazingly, many ARMYs sat through the entire thing.

The event started with BTS Live Trilogy EP.1 (BTS Begins) and then went to stream BTS 5th Muster in Busan with a short break in between. The day ended with the beautiful and emotional performance of Mikrokosmos in BTS’ Speak Yourself concert in Sao Paulo.

Breaking Records

The livestream started at 3 pm KST and thousands of ARMYs joined, the numbers were increasing rapidly. At one point, the stream even had a peak of 2.7 million viewers, which is higher than last year’s Bang bang con. In 2020, the peak concurrent viewers were 2.24 million. This year it saw a significant rise with 2.7 million viewers tuned in. The live stream never went down below 2 million viewers.

Last year, the total number of views was 50.59 million. The total for this year is yet to be confirmed. But given the rise, Bangtan Boys saw in just a few months doesn’t leave any scope for doubts. The numbers will definitely be higher than 2020.

It was not just Youtube that BTS and ARMYs were dominating. For almost 10 hours, #BangBangCon21 didn’t leave the top spot in Twitter trends. BTS and their related keywords were trending all the time. With each performance in the concert, the song name started trending. Magic Shop, No More Dream, Rap line, Vocal line, So What, Mikrokosmos, Born Singer are few mentions from the many keywords that trended all the time. It’s like ARMYs were having a party in the Worldwide trends. The power was so much that Twitter started glitching and was down for few hours.

It is not just about breaking records. The way ARMYs sat through all the three concerts for more than 8 hours proves that they are here for BTS. I am sure in the end it must’ve felt like all of it went by in a flash. Concerts cannot happen due to COVID19 but that doesn’t mean, BTS are going to stop. Events like BangBangCon, BangBangCon: The Live, Map of the Soul ON:E concert prove that the boys will work hard and come up with new ideas to do keep their fans entertained and happy.

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