Bangtan Boys Inked 7 on Their Body to Mark BTS 9th Anniversary?

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Bangtan Boys aka BTS has released their much-anticipated anthology album Proof and after the release, the leader of the group, RM posted the release of the album on his Instagram Stories, and also revealed his new tattoo which is number 7.

As soon as RM posted his tattoo, the ARMY is guessing that perhaps the entire band has got the same friendship tattoo which they had been planning for many days.

A couple of months ago, RM said during a VLive session that he used to plan to have one tattoo but cancelled it because he was afraid. However, when ARMYs asked him whether he wants friendship tattoos, he answered, “yeah, I do. It is like a team tattoo." Moreover, Kim Taehyung aka V had also revealed earlier that he and his fellow BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook are planning on getting a tattoo.
ARMYs on social media are wondering whether the other BTS members got the tattoo as well. Sharing Namjoon’s story, one fan wrote, “DOES THIS MEAN THEY GOT THE MATCHING TATTOOS ???;!;!! BTS ????:!,!! THIS IS SO PRETTY OH MY GOODNESSS." “THEY GOT THE MATCHING TATTOOS…. IM REALLY CRYING RIVERS NOW" another fan wrote.

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