Bangtan Bomb: BTS Kim Taehyung aka V Celebrates His 25th Birthday

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It’s a BTS tradition. After staying together for almost eight years, the members still celebrate birthdays in the same manner. Switch off the lights, bring in the nicely decorated cake, make the birthday boy wear a cute hat and wait until he blows the candle. It is an adorable tradition that BTS follows till date.

No matter where they are, this arrangement is a must. Most of the times, members Seokjin and Taehyung end up celebrating their birthdays at the pre-recording shoot of year-end award shows like MAMA or MMA. In case of member V, it is mostly the time for New Year celebrations.

Kim Taehyung celebrated his 25th Birthday on 30 December, last year. This time, it was during the Bighit’s New Year eve live rehearsals. Bighit released the Bangtan Bomb for Taehyung’s birthday and this time it was Seokjin and Jhope in the cake decoration committee.

As the two members decorated the cake, other members including Jungkook and Jimin switched off the lights. Jin and Jhope entered holding the candle-lit cake while everyone sang the Birthday song in a high pitched voice.

Jin was joking that he has gotten old and cannot handle the weight of the cake for a long time asking Tae to blow the candles fast. Upon this, V decided to tease his Hyung as he ended up taking a long time in order to make his wish. Tae took his own sweet time to blow out the candles.

Taehyung was happy with the surprise and was seen smiling all the time. Jimin wished his 95-liner friend while Jin revealed the details about the gift he gave. Like a sweet elder brother, Jin gave ‘allowance money’ to Taehyung as his birthday gift. V said he was happy with the gift and promised to use it well.

Leader RM came towards the end as he had gone to the washroom. He later wished V and also prayed for everyone’s happiness as it will soon be the beginning of a new year.

Suga was missing from the video. It was because the member was still recovering from his shoulder surgery. He did join for a few bits during the Bighit New year live but sat out major performances as it would require dancing.

Here wishing the Winter Bear Singer a Happy Birthday

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