ARMY Will Swoon Over These Red Carpet Looks of BTS Members

 - Sakshi Post

The biggest boyband on the planet right now, BTS has been impressing everyone not with just their music but also with their fashion sense. Their songs and albums are loved by fans across the globe. Their latest single, ‘Butter’ and the records that it has broken is a testimony of that. But what is it that makes ARMYs love these boys even more?

Well, if you look at their dressing style, it is comfy and casual, stylish and breathtaking. Even when the boys are spotted at the airports, their casual look is enough to catch everyone’s eyes. Netizens have tagged them as one of the best dressed Korean artists and not just that, they are now seen as one of the best-dressed artists across the world.

Red carpet looks are something that people wait for. Media, fans and basically everyone are waiting to see what the celebrity decided on wearing for the big night. Since the start of their career, BTS has always tried to look their best for the award shows. In the starting years of their career, you will catch the boys wearing colour coordinated outfits. Their style evolved through the years. Now you will see these men all decked up in the latest fashion carrying a poised look.

Take a look at some of the best Red carpet looks of BTS.

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