Army Calls Out Grammys' Blatant Use of BTS For Ratings

 - Sakshi Post

It has been two days since the 2021 Grammys came to an end but the disappointment is still there. The fact that BTS was used for views and clout but was not rewarded with at least a proper win is what has angered their fans the most.

The 2021 Grammys was held on March 14 and it was to be the biggest event of the year as people generally wait for this award night. But over the past few years, Grammys have lost relevance and respect as they refuse to give the award to the deserving ones. It is nothing new that the POC people or artists coming from foreign countries have been sidelined by the Grammys. They have been using the power of these artists for views and never rewarded them. 

Well, the latest example is the South Korean boyband BTS. Even if you are not a part of the BTS ARMY, you would still have heard about this group as they have become a global sensation now. Everybody knows that BTS' involvement in something or their presence in an award show attracts millions of ARMYs. The fans wait hours even if it means watching the entire award show only for a 3-minute performance of their favourite group.

This is exactly what the Recording Academy took advantage of. They nominated BTS in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category and got their fandom excited. As ‘Dynamite’ was a global hit and broke more records when compared to other nominated songs in that category, it was everybody’s guess that BTS would be taking the award, home. But that didn’t happen. It is commendable that BTS took the loss with such grace. 

What’s even worse is that Grammys included the announcement for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category in the Pre-Show and BTS performance in the main show. They knew exactly what they were doing. They very obviously tried to milk BTS’ popularity and use it to their advantage. People saw right through it. With every commercial break, the “Coming Up next: BTS” was a pure lie. Putting their performance in the end yet showing the 'Coming up BTS' sign every time was an open attempt at getting the ARMYS to stay hooked to the award show. Their attempt failed as this year, Grammys had one of the lowest viewerships of all time. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that BTS’ fans were not happy about it. They sat through the 3-hour long pre-show and then the almost 4-hour main event just to see their favourite artists get used for ratings and views. The Grammys were called out for what they did as “Scammys” started trending online.

The disappointing fact is that almost every western award show has done this. They invite BTS for a performance and will place the act towards the end while keeping the Army in anticipation. All this and they wouldn’t even nominate them in major categories. 

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