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After a long time, Gopichand is back to the silver screen with his latest release ‘Seetimaar’. The film has finally released in theatres. The film has opened to positive reviews from all quarters.

Seetimaar is trending on all social media platforms. If you are waiting to know the review of the film, You have landed on the right page. Here you go . 

Plot: Gopichand (Karthik) plays the character of Kabaddi coach in the film. He is also a bank manager in the film. Gopichand's only intention is to save the village school. He wants to save the school, but there is no funding for it. Gopichand thinks if the village team wins the Kabaddi match at the national level, then the school can easily get funding. In to the interim, Gopichand meets the villain Rajveer Ankur Singh (Trilok Singh) who’s a corrupt police officer in the film. Why does he get suspended from the job? What happens to Gopichand’s Kabaddi team? Will the village team win the national level match forms the crux of the story.

Performance: Gopichand looks pefect in his role as a coach. As usual, he is handsome and delivers a stunning performance in every scene. Tamannaah's performance in the film is next level. She has nailed it. Her character is in the film is very different from her previous movies. Tamannaah fans would be delighted to see her in the film. She is fantastic. Posani Krishna Murali, Rao Ramesh, and other supporting cast do justice to their characters in the film.

Analysis: The film is centered around highlighting sports, but the makers faile to deliver the message properly. The film's narration isn't effective enough to deliver the point directly to the viewers.

The makers have mixed a sports drama with family emotions which becomes a minus point for the film. The director has tried to deliver a message to the viewers, but he fails to execute it.
The timing of the songs are really bad. When there’s an important scene, the viewers are distracted by the songs which make the audience  lose interest on the film.

Technical aspects: Seetimaar editing is really not good as we felt that the editor has done some patch work. The scenes of the film should be like a flowing water but it feels like a puzzle to the viewers.

Verdict: Seetimaar is a movie which showcasing the importance of the sports and women empowerment. Seetimaar tries to preach that not only eduction, even sports is part of our lives. A one time watch for Gopichand fans. 



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