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After enrtering politics, Power Star Pawan Kalyan has made a comeback with Vakeel Saab. The film has opened to positive reviews across the globe. Vakeel Saab is an official Telugu remake of the Bollywood hit, 'Pink'. It's the first big-budget film to hit the screens this year. Are you waiting to know the review of Vakeel Saab? Here we go:

Movie Plot: Pawan Kalyan essays the character of Satya Dev in the film. His dream is to become to a lawyer and help the underprivileged. He plays a responsible citizen in the film. Satya falls in love with Shruti Haasan. Due to some issues, Pawan quits his Lawyer's post. After a while, Satya Dev makes a comeback to the courtroom to fight for three innocent girls Vemula Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Zareena (Anjali), and Ananya (Ananya Nagalla) which turns out to be a high voltage drama. He fights for the rights of women. When the girls decide to start a new chapter in their lives, the men threaten them. Pawan Kalyan steps in, takes up the case so as to help the innocent girls. Prakash Raj is also a powerful lawyer and is pitted against Pawan. Will Pawan Kalyan be able to get justice for them? The complications he faces during the process forms the gist of the film. Watch the film to know all the answers.

Performance:  Pawan Kalyan has done his bit to get into the skin of lawyer's character. The courtroom drama scenes stand out. Nivetha Thomas, Anjali and Ananya have breathed life into their characters and they have all done justice to their roles. It's been a long time we saw Prakash Raj in a Telugu film, he as expected delivers outstanding performance. In fact, in a few of the scenes, Prakash Raj has dominated Pawan Kalyan.

Plus Points:

Performances of lead actor
Courtroom scenes
Interval block
Powerful action episodes
 Minus Points:

The narration is a bit slow in the second half 

Flashback scenes

Verdict: Vakeel Saab elevates Pawan Kalyan more than the issue itself The movie will be a new genre to the Telugu audiences. 

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