Ninna Sanihake Movie Review, Rating: Suraj Gowda, Dhanya Ramkumar's Romantic Comedy A Thorough Entertainer

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This is simple agi ondhu love story. No, we are not talking about the Rakshit Shetty film but Suraj Gowda's directorial debut Ninna Sanihake starring Dhanya Ramakumar. 

Ninna Sanihake Plot: Aditya and Amrita fall in love and start living in. But like they say familiarity breeds contempt. Does it happen with the love birds too? Watch the film to find out

Ninna Sanihake Review: Suraj Gowda's Ninna Sanihake is a commercial romantic comedy. Although the movie is old wine in a new bottle, there's more to the story than one can imagine. Ninna Sanihake is a breeze for most parts as both Suraj and Dhanya give their best when it comes to their friendly banter or revealing their true self. Dhanya delivers a flawless performance and you wouldn't know unless told that the movie marks her debut. Guess, the acting genes is strong for Rajkumar family members. Rajinikanth forms a great supporting cast and deserves some credit for elevating certain scenes. Raghu Dixit's music stands out while Cinematography is breathtaking.

Verdict: Nee Sanihake has nothing new to offer. However, in the post covid era, after a long time, the movie is a welcome break to entertain yourselves. Go Watch it.

Nee Sanihake Rating: 3/5


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