Edible Oil Prices in India To Decrease, Here's Why

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Cooking oil prices are likely to come down in the coming days.

Hyderabad: Last year, the price of cooking oil increased by more than Rs 55. The cost of a litre of oil has now risen to Rs.150. The average man bears a heavy burden as a result of this. Even a litre of oil is not less than Rs. 150. This is what has created a pinch in the pockets of ordinary people.

Prices of cooking oil are expected to drop in the coming days much to the relief of consumers.

Oil stocks at the ports of Kandla and Mundra have been halted. Since it is unlicensed, this stock is often trapped at the ports. This stock has now been cleared, according to information. This ensures there will be more oil available in the market.

According to reports, this may result in lower oil prices. For cooking oil, India is largely reliant on imports. India spends Rs 75,000 crore on cooking oil imports per year. The cost of cooking oil has risen to Rs 150. It was Rs. 90 last year. According to reports, rates are now expected to fall.

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