Trending in Food: Coconut Embryo For Antiviral Properties and Boosting Immunity

 - Sakshi Post

Coconuts are famous for their nutritional value. It is a very healthy fruit and something that is fairly popular among vegetarians. You get high nutrients from the coconut and that is why it is liked by many vegetarians as they do not eat meat.

The best thing about this fruit is that you can literally use any part of the coconut. The entire fruit including the outer shell and inner water and pulp can be used. It is also part of many cultural and auspicious events.

People love coconut water. They relish the water as well as the pulp in it. For those who cannot consume sugary items, coconut acts as a good alternative. They can drink this to get enough nutrients. This item is also used in Indian cuisine especially in making Chutney. As coconut is already so useful, now people have found another use for it. ‘Coconut Embryos’ are the new thing in the town now.

This came into notice when a popular street vendor from Chennai became viral on the internet. A video was shared by food blogger, Peppa Foodie in which we can see that the coconut embryo is being sold as street food. The vendor cut off the sprouting coconut and displayed the embryo as the snack. You can eat it as is.

What is it?

Coconut embryos look like a globe. It is the globe kind of formation inside the shell. It is spongy. When a coconut starts sprouting, this embryo forms inside it. The embryo can be eaten raw. It is healthy and also tastes good. This is nothing new as the coconut embryo is a popular raw food around the world. It is found in many places including India.

It is known by different names all around the world. Commonly it is referred to as Coconut apple or Coconut pearl. It is famous for its antioxidants and nutritional properties. It is good for digestion and is filled with vitamins and minerals.

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