Sweet Indulgence: Have You Tried Hand Crafted Desserts?

Hand Crafted Desserts in Hyderabad-le fourneil - Sakshi Post

Because every cake has a story to tell…

The comfort of digging into a frosted cupcake or tea cake, that too which is homemade can be sheer bliss and joy for those who have sweet tooth. Dessert lovers in Hyderabad can now try some of these hand-baked yummy goodies by Le Fournil! The hand behind these delicacies is Sarika Singhvee, a homemaker, baker turned entrepreneur of le fournil- which means bakehouse in French!

“ I believe that people and life should be kept simple so that we can remember our origins and traditions." Sarika believes that everything should be made from scratch and enjoys the feeling of accomplishment when the recipient of a baked goody package is happy to receive it. Nowadays, it is so simple to buy things online, but people are gradually forgetting the old, simple, and traditional feel of buying things in person, she says.

Sarika said, "I started supplying desserts to friends, relatives, neighbours three years ago and then more contacts came on board, and the business just grew from there."

Sarika will be putting up her handmade desserts at an exclusive Pop-Up happening on the 30th Of September and the 1st Of October, at the Clay and Glaze Pottery studio, with whom she is collaborating with to showcase her delicacies.

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