From Size XL to XS: Real Life Weight Loss Story, Check Diet Plan

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Many people struggle with their weight that causes problems in their daily lives. They try to shed the extra kilos by going on strict diets and spending a lot on products and services. This is not what you really need. Weight loss can be done by following a good diet plan with regular exercising and fitness training. It is not about forcing yourself to stop eating few particular items but eating healthy and in appropriate quantities.

Simrun Chopra, Deep Health Coach, and Founder of Nourish With Sim shared her journey from being overweight to now fit and healthy. She shed 25 kilos in just 5 months. Simrun shared that she did not restrict herself from eating her favourite food items. Just that she maintained the diet and her training. The key here was her exercise and training plan.

What inspired her?

It was not a happy realization or something that Simrun just out of the blue decided to do. It was after she had her baby, is when Simrun realized that life was not easy. Lifting her baby, changing his clothes and diaper was also difficult tasks for her. It caused her strain and she would sometimes fall due to the pain. She shared that her transformation was not for social media, but herself and the baby. Not being able to lift her own baby was something that affected her emotionally and mentally. Simrun knew that she had to get healthy for both of them.

She decided that it was time she started exercising and follow a healthy life pattern to be able to take care of the baby and to get rid of all the problems it was causing her.

Her Weight-Loss Journey

The main reason was the baby. She wanted to take care of her baby and not struggle while doing it. When things started changing, it did not just help her take care of her son well but also felt good mentally. She shared that she did not want to restrict herself from eating anything. Pushing yourself into adapting a diet that you do not like, is not going to help.

“I can't live without Chinese food !!! Noodles are bae,” she wrote in her Instagram post. “The key is eating food that is as similar to your everyday food as possible. It should be the food you are used to + can eat with family + still meet your goals.”

“In the simplest sense food is divided into fats, proteins, and carbs. Chicken is a protein no matter how it's cooked.”

Simrun's Plan

  • Rice is rice be it India, China, or Japan. The secret is knowing how much you need for your goals.

  • The macro split + micronutrient density is crucial to account for health.

  • To start, add vegetables to each meal. Use the simple recipes I add in stories. I've updated the peas paneer paratha today. Tomorrow I'll add the pulav I made.

  • What also worked were; moving more, I try to get 10K steps a day.

  • Water has been my best friend during the weight loss journey. I try to drink 3 liters of water daily.

  • Sleep rest and recovery are the cornerstones to health and fitness. You are only as good as your recovery. Getting in at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep is a game-changer.

  • I dedicate 30 minutes to working out every day. I usually do alternate days of cardio and strength training followed by stretching.

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