Sara Ali Khan chooses Airbnb for her European Getaway

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As adventurous as the characters that she plays on the silver screen, Sara Ali Khan loves to take time off to travel and reconnect with herself. From the landscape of Ladakh, to the streets of Istanbul, the actress can be seen packing off for a holiday as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Her European vacation is, therefore, the perfect escape from her hectic schedule. Accompanied by her mother on this trip, the duo has been entranced by the whirlwind of culture, art and architecture, and recently were in the gorgeous locales of Florence.

After an equally stunning holiday in London and Amsterdam, Sara and her mother, made their way to the city of Florence, choosing to stay at the Giardino Fiorentino - Luxury Spa Airbnb Apartment, located in the historic city center. The elegant contemporary designed apartment dates back to the 16th century and offers a perfect stay experience for a holiday to remember. The apartment also  features a spa-room with a bubble-bath-tub, sauna, turkish bath and light therapy, which is just perfect to relax after wandering around the streets of Florence or visiting Museums.

Talking about her summer escapade, Sara said, “I love that my work allows me to travel across the world, but there is nothing like taking a few days off and spending quality time with loved ones on a vacation. I love exploring new places, trying out local food, and of course, shopping with my favorite shopping partner, my mom! We both wanted to explore the city from a local lens and decided to stay at a beautiful Airbnb in Florence for an authentic local’s experience and have loved every bit of it!”

Check out Sara’s latest Instagram post about her trip  here 

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