Riding a Motorcycle is Closest Sensation to Flying: Sivan

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By Amartya Smaran

People who’ve managed to live for half a century come up with lines like, ‘I am old’, ‘It’s all over’, ‘What can I do now?’. If you are 50 plus, and think you are old, hear out what Sivan has to say. Sivan is a 73 year old motorcyclist who participated in many national rides. Majority of the people at that age do not think of doing anything adventurous; take me for example, when I hit 70, I’ll pre-order a custom made coffin for short people from Amazon. 

Sivan is a rare case, what he couldn’t do due to the responsibilities that life threw at him post retirement from the Army, he’s getting to do it now at a ‘ripe’ age of 73. I feel Mr. Sivan took the saying ‘Aged like fine wine’ to his heart at one point. Even better, Sivan and his son Deepak rode from Hyderabad to Arrak Valley – Vizag in 2017. Isn’t it amazing? Here’s the story of a Father-Son Motorcyclyist duo on this father’s day.

1. Mr.Sivan, why riding? How did it all begin? 

It was my dream to travel since childhood. Riding bike and exploring new places is my passion.At the age of 11, I saw my neighbour riding from Chengannur, Kerala to Madras on a Royal Enfield, which inspired me and made me dream of the same, to travel places on a bikeone day. After my studies, in 1969 I joined the Army where we started riding RE Bullet 350 for duties which continued till my retirement in 1997 and that’s how I began riding.

2. What exactly is it that excites you the most about riding?

Riding a motorcycle to me is the closest sensation to flying I can have without leaving the ground. When you lean forward, accelerate, bank into a turn, feel the air on your face and see no part of the vehicle around you, it’s as if the motorcycle and you are one and there’s nothing else.

3.Could you tell us about how special your first bike is to you? 

My first bike was the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 which I got from Army after my posting. That bike will also remain special to me as before that bike, riding remained a dream for me that I hoped to fulfil one day. And the Bullet made it possible to pursue it not just as my passion but professionally as well.When you get a job in line with your passion, there is nothing like it ! Your performance will always be above average /above expectation. I still feel the heaviness of that bike. 

4. When you had to refrain from riding due to family responsibilities, what was your state of mind then?

I missed riding for sure, it was connected to me professionally as well. But after my retirement from army, I had to put a hold on riding and focus on my family responsibility. Whenever I was stressed from work or just down, my mind would wander to fleeing off on a bike. 

5.When did you first find about your son’s passion for riding?   How did that make you feel? 

While my son was in the 8th standard, he attempted to ride my scooter. He came running to me for teaching him how to ride. Genes are the same in my son and me. He saw me riding since his childhood and more than anything else, he also developed the same taste. It made me feel happy and excited even to have someone in the family who shares the same love for motorcycling as me. I started imagining how we would go on trips in future.  
6.Did you ever in your life think, you’d go riding with your son? You must have felt so happy to have done that right? 

Like I said, once I realized his love for motorcycling, I had started to dream of the day we would both ride along, but never really knew if it became reality however, we made it possible in the year 2017. I along with my son Deepak went on a long trip from Hyderabad to Arrak Valley – Vizag. He was on his Royal Enfield Himalayan and me on my Royal Enfield Classic 350.There is no better joy or happiness in the world than riding with your son. It was the most memorable and special because we bonded together doing what we love the most – riding.

7. This Father’s Day, what advice would you give youngsters who want to take up riding as their passion?

I want all the youngsters to take up riding as a passion and enjoy the thrill of riding with confidence. I urge everyone to ride but at the same time take road safety as a priority. Invest in good riding gears and always wear a helmet when riding. Go ahead and hit the road. Canvas is for you to paint the way you wish to. 

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