Power of fragrance to make people fall in love with you

Love at first sight needs no introduction, but during this Romance Awareness month, let’s talk about falling in love at first whiff. Fragrances are considered a catalyst for romantic alchemy as they hold the power to change your mood, evoke memories, and leave an indelible impression on others to remember you. A good fragrance can be stuck with you for so long that remembering someone from their smell almost feels as if you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow.

A pleasing scent is a cherry on top of your suave appeal, so it’s crucial to make fragrance part of your daily grooming regime. But before you douse yourself with perfume, go through an informative guide put together by ITC Engage to help you pick the right fragrance for every occasion and make people fall in love with you

Romantic Date

Scientific studies prove that the fragrance you wear has an impact on your attractiveness. So, to guarantee a second date, you’ll want to leave a lingering impression in the mind of your date by choosing the right fragrance. Go with a fragrance that associates with your confidence and that elicits romantic feelings.

However, you also need to be careful to not go overboard because strong fragrances can alter one’s sense of taste and could even ruin your date, so go easy on the spritz.

A casual evening with loved ones

For a stress free and calm evening with friends or colleagues, you could try something that has a warm and friendly fragrance but nothing very strong. You might want to try a nostalgic fragrance like vanilla, coffee, or cocoa. It reflects a playful mood that’s just perfect for the occasion, and who knows you might meet your special someone while having a gala time with your friends.

Social Gatherings

You will encounter a wide range of fragrances at social events, and this is the time to really make a bold statement by wearing a more empowering fragrance that will make you feel strong, confident, and like a million bucks. There’s something beautiful about using a perfume you only wear on special occasions. It’s a good way to maintain your individuality and uniqueness.

Professional Meeting

A strong odor is not appropriate for a professional meeting. The fragrances should be striking yet subtle. Hence, it is suggested to go with fresh fragrances that are not too strong or discomforting for anyone in the room but leave a lasting impression.

Tara Sutaria, Brand Ambassador, ITC Engage, adds, “Choosing the right perfume that suits my personality for every occasion, has always been challenging. The newly launched ITC Engage Click and Brush perfume is a perfect fit for any occasion. It has an addictive fragrance that lingers for hours, and is so easy to re-apply. The best part about this perfume is that it fits in any purse – big or small, making it perfect for my on-the-go routine.”

Happy Vacation!

It is always advised to carry a fragrance that is sleek, compact, spill-proof, and fits easily in a handbag or even your jeans pocket for your vacation. To avoid carrying heavy perfume bottles, one can simply go for a click and brush perfume pen and apply it on pulse points for a long-lasting fragrance and fragrant touchups throughout the day

There is something magical about the sensorial power that scent can have in provoking strong feelings of love and attraction. So, choose the right fragrance to exhale your charm, evoke sensual vibes, and captivate nostalgic memories.

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